Tehsin Bhayani

CEO and founder, AirMason

A leader in employee engagement and onboarding, Tehsin Bhayani founded AirMason in 2017 with reinventing the employee handbook in mind. 5 years later, AirMason has grown to help thousands of clients modernize their handbooks and reinvent their business. Helping organizations with anywhere from 2 – 200,000 employees, Tehsin is no stranger to the onboarding and engagement challenges HR professionals face.

Helping companies like P&G, Mattel, Tim Hortons & Lacoste is no easy feat. Saving time onboarding, growing company culture and helping employees feel engaged the second they get hired is just some of the things that Tehsin and AirMason do for all their clients! Visit airmason.com to learn more about how you can save time, stress and money with just a couple of clicks.